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No more than three colors, when learning the color blocking collocation, you must stick to the no more than three colors in the whole look rules.

It mostly indicate the bright degree in the colors, various different colors fashion item, not including the black, grey and white colors collocation.There’s a certain aesthetic that we refer to when we think of 90s fashion. High ponytails, abrasive prints, colorblocking and bold jewelry choices. The 1990s were a truly unique and inspiring time to be alive and to be experimenting with fashion.

As for today color-blocking is more frequently seen in the home as a latest thing in interior design. Although some argue that color-blocking is a thing in the past, high fashion figures and enthusiasts believe that this retro trend continues to thrive as a result of the hipster generation, whom revive the trend and turn it into something seen as fashion-forward. Trend revival is the new fad.

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